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Our expedition style is unique in the world of polar travel. Many have tried to copy "the One Ocean formula" seeking to re-create the magic. We are not sure any have ever succeeded. Innovation is in the DNA of our company. We were the first in the industry to create a host of ship board experiences and unique on shore activities. We are constantly developing new expedition itineraries and enhancing our much loved "classics". You will never find us sitting still or resting on our laurels.

What we stand for

At One Ocean Expeditions we have always had a strong philosophical commitment to quality. From our booking staff to our onboard guides, the experienced One Ocean Expeditions team works closely together to ensure that every detail is taken care of. We aim to provide the world's best Polar marine experiences. We are steadfastly committed to ensuring the safety of our guests and sharing with them our eco-conscious outlook. Our guests never tire of One Ocean Expeditions personalized service. For all these reasons, One Ocean Expeditions is special. Only on our expeditions will you come to see the world in a whole new way.

Personalized service

People really matter on our expeditions and we show this at every opportunity, particularly by allowing every individual to have a say in how their own unique experiences unfold. We create small special interest groups, so you can choose the activity best suits your own interests. Options and choices are provided throughout the voyage and we strive to take care of every detail. We call this concept, "choose your own adventure".

Choose your own adventure

With our focus on wildlife, photography and activity, we lead the way through a range of innovative experiences. You enjoy numerous daily options that range from activities off the ship; hiking, walking, zodiac cruising, photography, sea kayaking, wildlife viewing, camping and even bicycling and stand up paddle boarding on some voyages. Onboard the ship we include educational presentations and workshops, lead lively discussions, relax through yoga, fitness and massage therapy. Our interactive night cap held in the bar each evening is always a popular occasion. Daily expedition updates are provided, sharing our planned route on nautical charts and any ice updates. Outfitted with great quality expedition gear, which includes gumboots, foul weather gear, trekking poles, waterproof backpacks and binoculars, the stage is set. For those participating in the sea kayaking program an extensive package of high quality gear is provided, that makes paddling safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

Unrivalled experience

The One Ocean Expeditions team have many years of expedition cruising expertise coupled with specialty knowledge in their chosen field. In addition to our expedition and hospitality professionals, One Ocean Expeditions carries specialty staff on every voyage. This includes an English speaking emergency physician, resident professional photographer, registered massage therapist, fitness trainer and our unique multi-skilled adventure concierges.

Creative & innovative planning

Our creative itineraries are built on years of experience exploring the remote corners of the regions in which we operate. Trips of various durations are offered, along with some truly specialist voyages are comprised of varied lengths and a diverse focus to offer the best of the Arctic. No matter your interest, our small group activity options allow you to choose how your adventure unfolds, every step of the way. We have a unique team of people on every voyage - our Adventure Concierges. Their primary role is to ensure your enjoyment while travelling with us - be it on shore, or around the ship.

Exceptional value

Travelling to the Polar regions is a privilege and we want you to experience something special when you choose One Ocean Expeditions. That is why we offer the best value. Our well-priced expeditions boast a high level of customer service, and exceptional menu created by our team of international chefs, the widest possible range of activities and a host of pleasant onboard distractions. The polar gear package which is included for use while on board the ship saves you purchasing around $US1000 of specialist gear - and carrying it all the way to the ship.

We take commitment very seriously. We are committed to many important values. None is more important than respect - for you our valued guest on board, to the unique communities that we touch, to our staff and to our valued partners across the global travel industry. Our deepest respect is for the very special environments in which we are privileged to operate. We treat everyone as if we would our own friends and family. These are just some of our important values.

Our commitment to safety

There are no compromises here. Our expedition staff and crew have the deepest respect for harsh Polar weather and the varying sea and ice conditions in these regions. That respect is apparent in every decision we make. We carry the most extensive inventory of safety equipment on all excursions and require our leaders to undergo vigorous and effective safety training programs. We are well prepared, so you can relax and enjoy your voyage.

Our commitment to people

Ours is people-oriented company. In everything we do we focus on the people that matter the most - you, our guests, our energetic shipboard crew and staff, and our tireless "back office" team that make the magic happen behind the scenes. We will always orient our decision making towards the well being, enjoyment and comfort of our guests. We have reduced the passenger capacity on the ships by 10% compared to other ship operators in order to achieve a higher comfort and improved ambience on board. We have focused continuously on improving the amenities in our cabins, the inclusions on board and the quality of our pre-voyage information. We are dedicated to our worldclass team on board the ships. We do this by ensuring we have the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the polar industry. They receive thorough training and are provided the world's best gear and equipment in order to undertake their role on the ship. This shows in their enthusiasm, competence, knowledge and passion.

Our commitment to quality

Quality is a commitment. Put simply, you cannot present and operate a high quality program without a strong philosophical commitment to quality. It's about doing what is right for your valued guests and the precious Polar environment. This is a commitment we made the first day we started the company and it lives on. We aim to deliver every single time. We find a way to never say "No". We make all decisions in the best interests of our guests. We aim to have the best equipped, best prepared, best trained expedition team in the industry. We aim to have the happiest, safest and most satisfied guests. We always aim to make the least impact on the environments in which we operate. We are also committed to using the world's best equipment and provisions on our ships. Put simply - we won't cut corners when it comes to delivering a quality experience.

Our commitment to cuisine and your health and well-being

We design and offer our own fantastic menus. Our team of internationally experienced and highly qualified chefs supervise all aspects of food preparation and service. We do not employ "sub contractors" who worked to a fixed pre-planned menu (and budget) as most ships do. Many people mistakenly believe that food in the polar regions equals "expedition-style rations" - with limited "take it or leave it options". Nothing could be further from the truth on our voyages. We use the highest quality ingredients and provisions sourced from around the world, selected not only for their taste and suitability, but also for their sustainability. We always ensure choices at every meal time, including healthy options. If you have special dietary requirements, let us know - we'll do our best to take care of those. Food and provisions are always responsibly purchased, responsibly prepared and responsibly presented.

Our commitment to the environment

Our responsibility as visitors, custodians and protectors of the fragile polar environment is possibly our biggest commitment of all. Take some time to read the "Our Responsibility" page - to find out more.

We view the world as one large ocean containing a series of large islands. So it stands to reason that our actions in one part of the ocean will trickle down and have an effect in another part. This is the best way to think about the polar ecosystems of Antarctica and the Arctic. We are committed to run an operation that is a model to the world in terms of ecological sensitivity.

We have renowned wildlife experts on our team who have been instrumental in mobilizing some of the world's most notable organizations to better protect Polar regions. We are dedicated to minimizing our impact on the areas we visit as well as the areas in which we operate our ships. This shows in our purchasing policies which cover provisioning, supply and waste management.

This eco-conscious approach means we travel to remote and pristine destinations in a different way compared to others in the industry. We are proud to operate using world class standards and procedures that are a model to other expedition companies. The goal is to allow guests to experience these fragile regions while minimizing any potentially harmful impact on wildlife and natural habitats. The aim always, is to leave the place as we found it.

Our on-going scientific contribution

We fund and assist ongoing scientific research aboard our vessels. What better platform to do this, than on purpose-built expedition ships. This important work ranges from collection of data for critical meteorological and oceanographic studies used at an international level, to the tagging and tracking of migrant whale populations for universities and science institutions.

We host onboard auctions to support a variety of conservation initiatives on a global scale. Over the past eight years our passengers have donated and collectively raised almost half a million USD towards varied projects including Oceanities, Royal Canadian Geographical Society, South Georgia Heritage Trust, Scott Polar Research Institute and others.

At the same time, One Ocean Expeditions has donated funds equivalent to one million USD to numerous charitable organizations committed to assist in underfunded health and social programs, ecological awareness and preservation plans, as well as projects committed to historical preservation.

Our commitment to community

We contribute donations on a regular basis to a number of organizations (health, wildlife, youth sport, exploration and preservation) raising funds for the betterment of their programs. Funds raised exceed 250K USD annually, which accounts for close to two million USD going back to communities and their organizations from the start of One Ocean Expeditions.

Our in-house Arctic Outreach was developed as a way to actively give back and support Northern communities across the Canadian Arctic. We have enabled large donations to be distributed in northern communities for youth and children to participate in sports and recreation, as well as contributions to the local food banks.

In addition to donations, we also choose to supply our operations with locally sourced products that are made with minimal impact on the environment. Our commitment to limit our impact and to support small local operators and businesses, is a proud decision we honour, season upon season.

We actively support our partners and their mandates with National Historic Sites, Provincial and National Parks, as well as museum exhibits and the hosting of both historical and archeological artefacts. Following our involvement in the successful partnership of the 2014 Victoria Strait Expedition - resulting in the find of Sir John Franklin's Erebus in the Northwest Passage, we endeavour to continue the evolution of social, education and historical outreach programs committed to share the historical value of Canada's history.

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