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RCGS Resolute, One Ocean Expeditions' newest vessel, is ideally suited to explore the azure waters of South and Central America, due to its small size, versatility and many exceptional outdoor panoramic viewing areas. Discovering South and Central America with One Ocean Expeditions offers access to the invaluable wealth of knowledge amassed by the experienced team, as well as the flexibility to optimize coastal routes that would otherwise be inaccessible. Explore the dramatic fjords of Chile, exotic rainforest beaches and endemic species not found anywhere else on Earth. The jungles, seas and skies are teeming with colourful and sometimes cartoon-like creatures. From humpack whales in Chile, inquisitive bottle-nosed dolphins in Costa Rica to haunting howler monkeys in Panama, guests will be in awe of the sheer abundance of wildlife that local guides will be able to identify. A collection of itineraries will venture through Chile, onto the Pacific, through the Panama Canal and on to the Caribbean Sea. During the expeditions, guests have access to stand-up paddleboards, sea kayaks, snorkels and zodiac excursions, ideal to fully appreciate the rich ecosystems that thrive along the South and Central American coasts.

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South & Central America Expedition Cruises

Explore South & Central America.

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